Thursday, September 25, 2008

Call of Duty: World at War - A CoD4 Mod

Call of Duty 5 In Game ScreenshotWith many people waiting in anticipation for the newest addition to the Call of Duty franchise known as Call of Duty: World at War, I keep hearing of just how great it will be with people talking it up like its going to be the greatest installment since Call of Duty 1.

The question I have to ask is WHY?

I recently wrote an article explaining that Call of Duty: World at War will be a CoD4 Mod and how you are going to be paying $50 for Call of Duty 4 with WW2 models. This new game will be using the Call of Duty 4 Engine (confirmed) and the majority of the perks are coming straight from its predecessor with only a few new additions. Sure they are adding vehicle warfare but one of the things I loved about the Call of Duty series was the intense, up-close and personal firefights that came with the relatively small maps. It just seems to me this game is trying to capitalize on us with anyway they can.

Another big complaint I have with this game is how its mimicking Call of Duty 4, and anyone who has ever played the game knows how noob-friendly it is. From the super-fast weapon firing rates, perks like martyrdom and sonic boom, regen, lack of recoil, helicopters, and m203's, the game caters to the player in every possible way that my grandmother could consistently frag me. Call of Duty: WaW will be exactly like this but with more bushes and grass for idiots to hide in and now they can also drive tanks.

Who knows, maybe I'm just putting down the game because I was disappointed with how Call of Duty 4 turned out. I mean, the singleplayer was amazing, and sure I had a blast playing multiplayer when it first came out, but the more you play it the more you realize that CoD4 was only made for the masses of ps3 and xbox players, and can easily be identified as such when you look at how the game actually plays. How any joe-nobody can kill you regardless of whether you are a veteran of the series or he just picked up the game yesterday. That's just how the game was made and its also what makes me disappointed about it.


Andrew said...

Who cares?

CoD4 is a fun game and the fact that new people can pick it up and not get completely pwn'd is part of its mass appeal.

Anonymous said...

You are a complete fool. First of all, the perk list from your other thread is all fake, treyarch confirmed you cant climb trees. Also the guys from nvision didnt even play MP, they were making it up, treyarch also confirmed on the site. finally, of course the game is similar to cod4, it's a sequel. do you expect every sequel in a franchise to completely start from scratch and do everything completely different? no!!!! it builds off the previous game and expands it. to call cod5 a mod is like calling gears of war a mod of unreal tournament 3 because they are both built on the Unreal Engine 3. Idiot.

alexjsolis said...

CoD5 will still be implementing many of the perks from CoD4 and adding a few of their own and, according to you, one less than what I previously thought.

Also, the team that tested the game at Nvision never claimed to play the MP. They only stated that "We actually got the multiplayer mode working", meaning they could load up the MP maps and take a look at them as well as see the create a class and other various aspects.

As for wanting CoD5 to be different than CoD4, take a look at comparing CoD1 and CoD2. Both of these games were coded on the quake 3 engine and they were vastly different from each other in the way they played and how their game mechanics functioned. Whats so bad about wanting something like this for CoD5? I don't want to buy CoD5 when its going to play and feel like CoD4 with different weapon skins, which is what I think it will be from talking to people who have actually played the game, and from watching the gameplay trailers.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with what Mr. "Anonymous" said there. If you want a game where newbies can't catch up to you and all your experience with the game, then go play WoW or something like it. In action games, anybody can beat even the best player.

Plus the fact that you will have to accept CoD5 for what it is. Even though it is a complete failure in my eyes. To go from WWII to Modern then go back? I seriously do not agree with that concept. I was so into CoD4 and the modern combat gears that I would be dumb to go back to WWII.

With that said, when I got my hands on CoD5 and played a few maps, I immediately come to the conclusion that I am bored. CoD5 is a miniocre compared to CoD4.

That's how I see it.