Monday, June 16, 2008

Call of Duty 5: World at War

The next installment to the Call of Duty franchise has decided to return to the World War II theme and is taking place in the Pacific theater. Based off of the Call of Duty 4 Engine, World at War looks to keep things fresh by completely redesigning the AI to simulate the Japanese style of warfare as compared to our familiar European style.

"We figured out early that the Imperial Japanese fought in a different way that was full of suspense," creative lead Rich Farrelly tells OXM. "From that point we started to skew the game in that direction."

To boot, Treyarch has had a full extra year in development compared to their last title of COD3, which from many viewpoints felt rushed despite the good reviews it got. Expect a very successful game that will live up to all the previous installments in the franchise.

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Monkeyboy said...

I wonder what the game play will be like? Will it really be based on japan? Even so will the online be also based in japan and will the maps resemble game play? Even so the real let down in COD4 Modern Warfare was that the only gold weapons are the most unused weapons in the game. What should be allowed to chose your own weapons for gold advancements, such as the p90 or the M16. If those are not part of the online experience then I don 't see the point because it will be the same thing as COD4 online experiences. Then there would be no point to the game. PEACE OUT TO ALL THE HOMIES MAKING THE GAMES KEEP DONG WHAT U DO BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!