Monday, July 16, 2007

Windows Vista and Call of Duty 2

I have been waiting for a chance to see the new windows vista for myself ever since it was first released. I had heard all the bad things about it and just dismissed them as lies concocted by nay-sayers. When i moved to Ohio i finally got to see windows vista first hand on my Mom's computer. But to my avail it was not everything i had wished for. There was so many security issues that it was hard to get anything done at all. Every time i opened a program it wanted to confirm that i indeed had meant to do that. When i went to install call of duty 2 i had to click yes about 5 times before it even began. Coming from windows xp where everything is simpler, i had not anticipated this. When the game finished installing windows vista had alot of compatability errors and i was unable to play. When i contacted windows about this problem they said there was nothing they could do. I agree with one person's view about vista.

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Andy Wendt said...

If Vista and COD2 were good to go out of the box I would switch today.